Sales Of Test Equipment

‘We at TechnoServ sell all types of Test Equipment, we can advise you as to what type would be most suitable for your work environment and provide you with a very competitive quote- on the Test Equipment.

All Test Equipment that we sell comes with a 12 month Calibration Certificate and we provide a full after sales service to all our customers, with annual reminders of when their Calibrations are due or any Warranty or Repair work that needs to be done.

Also any Training that might be required – please see our Training page. 

We also sell refurbished Clare Pat Testers that have a full  12 months warranty on them.

Pat Testers

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Clare A255 Series 1 & 2, V154, V152 and B255 – please ask for a quote

Call 01793 695905

Our service extends to Schools, County Councils, Colleges, Universities, independent Companies

We calibrate equipment for Electricians, Engineers and other professionals etc

Our Clients